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How to Choose a Building Information Modeling Service?

Looking to get hold of the right building information modeling service?

The construction industry is adopting Building Information Modeling (BIM) services at an increased rate for the design, development, and coordination of their projects. The BIM model poses a host of benefits over the tradition 3D design tools and is the modern day choice for the professionals.

Yet all project owners do not have the expertise or resources to run an in-house BIM team. They have to depend on the BIM consulting services who are providers offering their skills, expertise, and knowledge.

It is crucial that you make some important considerations while choosing a BIM provider which would help you ensure the success of your project. Today we will highlight the considerations you need to keep in mind while choosing a BIM service.

Consider BIM as a Holistic Approach

BIM is not a 3D drawing tool or a particular piece of software. It is rather a way of thinking or holistic approach which cuts down mistakes and improves the certainty of outcomes. The virtual prototyping involves integrated design, development, visualization and testing the concept with the team, constructors, suppliers and the client.

When looking for a BIM partner, do not place too much importance on the specific tool or software they use. It is the skill and expertise of the BIM team that will ultimately shape the outcome of your project.

Check their Experience

As any employer would look for relevant experience before hiring an employee, you should also determine the experience of your BIM consultant. You can check their portfolio and website for past projects that are relevant to your field and interest.

Browse the types of services provided, past clients, and try to verify if they indeed are able to satisfy their claims. Check for specific experiences like BIM collaboration, lifecycle, management – all that specifies to you.

Can you get Hold of any References?

After checking the experience the next thing you should look for is references of past clients and contractors. You can call up your BIM provider and ask for the contacts; they should not hesitate to give it unless they have something to hide- may be a failed claim that didn’t realize!

While checking out with the references make sure you enquire about the work quality and pain points experienced by them. Find out how their customer service is and the degree of their responsiveness.

This will give a better idea whether the BIM partner will be suitable for your project.

 Budget is Important Too!

A BIM service is meant to reduce your costs both during construction and running the facility. Many BIM providers charge by the hour but the best thing is to go with lump sum payments which work out to be the most cost effective.

To do not look for too cheap a service, as running a BIM team requires experts and professionals and that doesn’t come cheap.